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Flower structure (tropical) 4 Crotalaria Crotalaria retusa . This flower has five fused sepals; five petals (yellow), not all joined but of different shapes and sizes. The uppermost petal is called the ‘standard’, and the two partly joined petals at the side are the ‘wings’. Within the wings are two partly joined petals forming a boat- shaped ‘keel’. Inside the keel are ten stamens, five with rounded anthers and five with elongated anthers. The filaments are fused to form a sheath round the ovary. The ovary is long, narrow and
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Unformatted text preview: pod-shaped, and consists of one carpel with about ten ovules. The style ends in a stigma, just within the pointed end of the keel. Crotalaria is widely distributed in the tropics. ‘standard’ sepals ‘keel’ ‘wing’ (a) Intact flower (b) One ‘wing’ removed ‘keel’ bases of fused filaments form sheath round ovary stigma stamen (c) One side of ‘keel’ removed stigma style ovary (d) Stamens and filament sheath removed Ovary grows to form pod Pod splits open and scatters seeds © D.G. Mackean Crotalaria flower dissected...
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