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Flower structure 3 - Deadnettle and Lupin White deadnettle ( Lamium album ) The deadnettle has five ‘spiky' sepals, joined at the base to make a cup, surrounding a tube of five joined petals of which the uppermost is particularly well-developed. There are only four stamens, with their black anthers close together under the top petal and their filaments joined to the petal tube. There is a forked stigma, and a long style leading to a four-lobed ovary. Lupin Five joined sepals, with a two-lobed appearance; five petals, not all joined but of different shapes and sizes. The uppermost petal is called the standard, and the two partly
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Unformatted text preview: joined petals at the side are the wings. Within the wings are two more, partly joined petals forming a boat-shaped keel Inside the keel are ten stamens the filaments of which are joined to form a sheath round the ovary. The ovary is long, narrow and pod-shaped, and consists of one carpel with about ten ovules. The style ends in a stigma, just within the pointed end of the keel. Half flower of white deadnettle ( Lamium album ) standard wing keel petals stigma style anther filament ovary ovule Half flower of lupin ( Lupinus perennis ) © D.G. Mackean stigma ovary ovule style stamen filament anther sepal...
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