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Vegetative reproduction (tropical) 5 Vegetative reproduction - runners In some plants, the stem grows horizontally over the surface of the ground, e.g. Desmodium triflorum . At the nodes of the horizontal stem, adventitious roots develop and lateral buds grow into aerial shoots, so that new plants are formed a short way from the parent. This process gives rise to a series of plants linked by a horizontal stem called a runner. The runners of certain grasses, e.g.
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Unformatted text preview: Axonopus compressus enable them to colonize bare soil quickly and so create a lawn. The runner does not store food but conducts it from the parent plant to the daughters until they are we1l developed. terminal bud makes vertical shoot lateral bud continues horizontal growth stipule horizontal stem (runner) adventitious root Runner of Desmodium triflorum horizontal stem (runner) adventitious root shoot node Runner of Axonopus compressus © D.G. Mackean...
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