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Vegetative reproduction 9 Vegetative reproduction - further examples Stem tubers - potato In the potato plant, lateral buds at the base of the stem produce shoots which grow laterally at first and then down into the ground. These are comparable to rhizomes, as they are underground stems with tiny scale leaves and lateral buds. They do not swell evenly along their length with stored food. Annual cycle . Food made in the leaves passes to the ends of these rhizomes, which swell and form the tubers we call potatoes. Since the potato tuber is a stem, it has leaves and lateral buds; these are the familiar ‘eyes’. Each one of these can produce a new shoot in the following year, using the food stored in the tuber. The old tubers shrivel and rot away at the end of the season Stolons Blackberry stems form a rather different type of runner in which the main shoot forms the new individual. When the growing end of a
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Unformatted text preview: shoot arches over and touches the ground, the terminal bud curves up, producing a new shoot which soon develops adventitious roots. Suckers Shoots arising from lateral buds below ground level are termed suckers. They grow underground for a short distance, their terminal bud then turns up to produce a new plant. Suckers can be seen in some fruit trees and poplars, as slender, leafy shoots growing from the ground round the base of the trunk. The sucker does not store food, but draws it from the parent. Stem tubers growing on potato plant lateral bud soil level adventitious roots grow where stem touches ground new shoot grows Blackberry stolon © D.G. Mackean shoot scale leaf Potato tuber sprouting adventitious roots ‘eye’ old tuber shrivelling new tuber adventitious root tuber forming lateral bud stem soil level lateral bud...
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