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Vegetative reproduction 8 Runners - strawberry Runners Plants such as the strawberry have a very short stem, called a rootstock , with thin scale leaves. Foliage leaves and flowers grow from the buds in the axils of the scale leaves. Some of the lower buds produce shoots which grow horizontally over the surface of the ground and bear scale leaves and buds. The terminal buds of these runners turn up and produce daughter plants some distance away from the parent, the new plants developing adventitious roots. Later, the runner shrivels away.
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Unformatted text preview: The runner does not store food but conducts it from the parent plant to the daughters, until they are well developed. scale leaves parent plant new plant forming from bud rootstock new runner growing from lateral bud Wild strawberry runner (Spring) lateral bud sprouting to form runner leaf flower strawberry daughter plant WINTER SPRING Diagrams of strawberry life cycle © D.G. Mackean short stem (rootstock) terminal bud lateral bud EARLY SUMMER runner scale leaf...
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