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Vegetative reproduction 2 Bulbs - Snowdrop In the snowdrop and daffodil, the bulb is formed by the leaf bases which completely encircle the short, conical stem. The part of the leaf above ground makes food by photosynthesis and sends it to the leaf bases which swell as they store the food. In the following year, the stored food is used for the early growth of the bulb flower stalk leaf 1 leaf 2 cylindrical sheath formed from bud scale cylindrical base of leaf 1
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Unformatted text preview: cylindrical base of leaf 2 stem flower stalk last years sheath base foliage leaf last years leaf bases this years sheath base this years leaf bases flower stalk stem contractile roots* *The new bulb grows inside the old bulb. The contractile roots pull the new bulb down and maintain its level in the soil Diagram of bulb structure Detached leaf showing its circular base Longitudinal section through the bulb D.G. Mackean...
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