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plants-seeds-3 - position of radicle micropyle hilum testa...

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Seeds and germination - the garden pea NOTES Root hairs are extensions from the cells of the outer layer of the root. In their thousands, they present a very large absorbing surface for water and dissolved salts. The plumule is withdrawn backwards from between the cotyledons and does not straighten until it is above ground. In this way the leaves are not broken off by pushing through the soil. For experiments on seed germination go to ‘Experiments 1’
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Unformatted text preview: position of radicle micropyle hilum testa plumule cotyledon stalk cotyledon radicle plumule radicle micropyle cotyledon testa (a) External appearance (b) Testa removed (c) Longitudinal section Structure of pea seed testa splits radicle emerges plumule withdrawn from between cotyledons root hairs lateral roots tendril leaflets stem tap root Stages in the germination of the pea seed 3 Garden pea © D.G. Mackean...
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