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plants-buds-twigs-4 - inflorescence stalk inflorescence...

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4 Winter twigs terminal bud leaf scar inflorescence scar bud scale (sticky) lenticel lateral bud sealed vessel dormant bud last year’s terminal bud scale scars Fig. 6 Horse- chestnut twig scars of bud scales Fig. 7 ‘Girdle scars’ of horse-chestnut terminal bud with black bud scales lateral bud leaf scar scars of last year’s bud scales remains of
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Unformatted text preview: inflorescence stalk inflorescence scar leaf scar Fig. 8 Ash twig dormant bud sealed vessel terminal bud bud scale leaf scar scars of last year’s bud scales inflorescence scar Fig. 9 Sycamore twig lateral buds leaf scar bud scale lenticel position of last year’s terminal bud Fig. 10 Oak twig © D.G. Mackean...
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