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Growth (Fig. 1 a-c), In the spring, the stem of the bud begins to elongate and the bud scales are pushed apart. As the stem grows in length it spaces out the leaves, which unfold and spread out their surface (Fig. 2). The bud scales often curl back and in a few weeks fall off. On exposure to light, the chlorophyll in the leaves develops fully, and photosynthesis begins soon after. (Fig. 3 a-f). Function . The bud-forming habit gives the plant the advantages of being able to present a photo- synthesizing surface to the atmosphere very rapidly after weather conditions become favourable. The leaves, already formed in the bud, are available
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Unformatted text preview: almost at once, whereas it would take many weeks to grow from the single cells at the growing point. leaves are spaced out and uncurl internodes elongate bud scales forced apart but are not spaced out Winter Spring Fig. 2 Bud growth brown green fluffy foliage leaves foliage leaves bud scale (a) Bud elongates; bud scales forced apart (b) Bud scales open (c) leaf stalk growing region leaf opening out position of growing point stem elongates (d) (e) (f) Fig. 3 Stages in the growth of horse-chestnut bud 2 Bud growth D.G. Mackean...
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