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Mosquito life cycle The mosquito lays a ‘raft’ of eggs which floats on the water Mosquito at rest Eggs The eggs hatch into larvae which swim in the water by wriggling movements. At rest, they hang from the surface film of the water and breathe through a breathing tube. Their ‘feeding brushes’ flicker all the time, wafting microscopic plants from the water into the mouth. The larva moults its cuticle several times but at the last stage it has become a pupa The pupa also breathes at the water surface but it
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Unformatted text preview: does not feed though it can still move. The adult organs can be seen through the cuticle. The pupa eventually breaks open at the water surface and the adult wriggles out. The wings expand and the adult flies off. mouth parts Larva Pupa water surface breathing tube compound eye legs feeding ‘brushes’ © D.G. Mackean gut trachea breathing tube antenna antenna mouth parts compound eye thorax one pair of wings abdomen Mature mosquito...
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