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Fungi 3 - Mushrooms Mushrooms and toadstools form a large group of fungi which live in the soil or in rotting wood. Their mycelia spread through the soil or the dead wood, dissolving and absorbing the organic substances. The fruiting bodies of Psalliota campestris (field mushroom) and Psalliota arvensis (horse mushroom) are edible. The fruiting bodies of toadstools are mostly inedible or even poisonous. Fruiting body . Under favourable conditions some of the hyphae just below the soil, mass together and form a spherical body that grows rapidly and pushes above the surface. As this body grows it develops three distinct regions: a stalk, a cap and gills. At first the cap is joined all round its edge to the stalk but later, as a result of the rapid growth of stalk and cap, the cap breaks free leaving a ring of tissue, the annulus , round the stalk The gills are at first pink, later turning dark brown, and are flat
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Unformatted text preview: sheets of tissue radiating out from the stalk and hanging vertically downwards from the underside of the cap. Towards the outer edge, where the gills are farther apart, half-length and quarter-length gills are interspersed between the full-length ones. The surfaces of the gills produce millions of spores which are fired into the spaces between the gills and fall to the ground or are carried off in air currents. During the three or four days of its active life the fruit body of this fungus is thought to liberate about half a million spores per minute. Each spore, under suitable conditions, is capable of producing a mycelium which may eventually grow into a fruiting body. Development of the mushroom D.G. Mackean stalk fruiting body forming cap gill annulus mycelium in the soil Mushroom gill pattern stalk...
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