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Tilapia - breeding behaviour Fig. 1 The resident male may grip the intruder by the mouth and push him out of the territory. There are other strategies. See article: Fig.2 The male leads the female to the ‘nest’ site. Notice that the male has assumed the dark colour associated with breeding behaviour. Fig. 3 The courtship consists of swimming round at the nest site, with the male butting the genital tube of the
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Unformatted text preview: female inducing her to lay eggs. Fig.4 The male is shedding sperm on the eggs while the female takes them up in her mouth Tilapia natalensis Fig. 5 Haplochromis multicolour The female is carrying eggs in her mouth The illustrations are adapted from Dr. G.P. Baerends, Behaviour, Supplement 1 Fig. 6 Tilapia natalensis. When danger threatens, the young fish return to the mother’s mouth cavity, via the mouth and operculum...
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