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Amphibia 4 - 12 weeks Eyes becoming prominent Mouth widens...

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Amphibia 4 Dorsal view Dorsal view Dorsal view Dorsal view Dorsal view Side view Side view Side view Ventral view 6 weeks Rasping at weeds, and algae on snail shells 8 weeks Hind legs fully formed. Forelegs enclosed in operculum 10 - 11 weeks Taking gulps of air at surface; still using tail for swimming. Mouth still quite small. Left front leg has emerged through spiracle; right front leg still enclosed by operculum
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Unformatted text preview: 12 weeks Eyes becoming prominent. Mouth widens. Both front legs have emerged through operculum 13 weeks Tail reabsorbed. Ready to go on land. After a heavy shower of rain, hundreds of tiny frogs will scramble out of the pond and into the damp vegetation at the margin *The change in form and function from tadpole to frog is called metamorphosis Metamorphosis* © D.G. Mackean...
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