history notes - Survey of American History Notes 1. Last of...

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Survey of American History Notes 1. Last of the Mohicans is written about the French and Indian war. a. French and Indian War was considered the First World War. b. From 1689 England and France would contest for north America for 80 years c. War started in 1754 d. 1756 England officially declared the war e. English learned how to fight in the wilderness from the Indians 1. In the British Empire a. Greatly enlarged Britain’s territorial empire (largest in the world, as I “the sun never sets on the British empire”) b. Greatly enlarged Britain’s debt c. Generated resentment among British leaders toward the American colonist for (1) what they considered American military ineptitude,(2) colonist made so little financial contributions to the war effort,(3) colonial merchants had done business w/ the French in West Indies d. English leaders became convinced, therefore, that a major reorganization of the empire was warranted; thereafter, London would exercise greater control of the colonies 2. In the American colonies a. Forced them, for the first time to act together against a common foe b. American resistance to the British impressment & requisition policies in 1756- 1757 & the return of authority to colonial assemblies in 1758 confirmed the illegitimacy of English interference in colonial affairs c. For thousands of Americans who served, the war was an important socializing experience; they felt themselves to be soldiers in a “people’s army;” an army whose members served voluntarily, w/o coercion or hierarchical organization For the Indians, the war turned out to be an unmitigated disaster: a. The tribes which had fought for the French earned the undying enmity of the b. Although the Iroquois continued to contest the English for control
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history notes - Survey of American History Notes 1. Last of...

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