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House of Burgesses - emotion in his preaches Encouraged...

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House of Burgesses: The first elected legislature (representative assembly: within what was to become the U.S.) 1619 Assembly that allowed wealthy planters a voice in government. Puritans: 1517 Early settlers of MA and most of New England whose philosophy of life, code of values, and religious views permanently transformed American life and thought. First religious group to settle in the new world to try and escape religious prosecution. The Great Awakening: Was a religious movement that created a shared experience among the colonies. Emphasized idea of being equal before God. Led by John Edwards who spoke with
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Unformatted text preview: emotion in his preaches. Encouraged resistance to authority. 1730-1740. First great American revival. Stamp Act: 1765 Tax charged to colonists on legal documents. Became the focus of pre-revo protest and is seen as opening of revolution era. Boston Massacre: 1770 Colonists threw snowballs to provoke British soldiers and they reacted by shooting 5 colonists in self-defense. Paul Revere and Sam Adams made the event a way to provoke the revolution. This caused the colonists to go against Britain....
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