Visions #4 - 1 What meaning according to Blight did...

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1. What meaning, according to Blight, did Frederick Douglass attach to the Civil War and Reconstruction? a) According to Blight the meaning that Frederick Douglass attached to the Civil War and Reconstruction was emancipation. Douglass encouraged African- Americans to remember the Civil War with awe because after the Civil War came emancipation. He believed that emancipation was the central reference point in black history. This was because with emancipation, that came from the Civil War and Reconstruction, came freedom, citizenship, suffrage, and dignity. He passed on his beliefs to the young African-American leaders that showed up in tribute to the old leaders, to a banquet on the first week of January 1883 to mark the 20 th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. One quote about the emancipation by Douglass proclaims,” This high festival is coupled with a day which we do well to hold in sacred and everlasting honor, a day memorable alike in the history of the nation and in the life of an emancipated people.” This quote shows how he believes that emancipation day should be a national celebration in which all blacks should celebrate because they could claim a new and secure social identity. 2. Why, according to Blight, did Douglass see it as necessary to keep the meaning of the Civil War alive in the memory of the nation? a)
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Visions #4 - 1 What meaning according to Blight did...

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