visions #5 - 1. (a) Explain the agrarian frontier attitudes...

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1. (a) Explain the “agrarian frontier attitudes” that ran the counter and opposed concepts of social welfare. (a) In the early 1900s, “agrarian frontier attitudes”, were the ideas of becoming self-reliant without having to rely on other people for support. This was because the nation had become an industrial power and so people had the common belief that one should work for a living so that they could provide for their family. Private, volunteer charity was deemed morally good, and social welfare was seemed morally bad. They believed that it destroyed a person’s work ethic and initiative, along with it weakening character. There was, however, a tendency to neglect the elderly, and place the premium upon the youth in society. It wasn’t until the second decade of the 20 th century when America, through the American Association for Labor Legislation, finally began to seriously consider the need for social insurance because of the advanced industrialism that it brings. 2. (a) What were the “fatal laws” of the old age pension laws supported by the Fraternal Order of the Eagles and passed by eleven states by 1930? (a) These were laws that supported the old aged citizens and gave them pensions after their retirement. In the 11 states that it was passed the business men voiced a strong argument against these laws because they didn’t want to pay the elderly that didn’t work at their companies anymore.
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visions #5 - 1. (a) Explain the agrarian frontier attitudes...

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