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Fallacies For The Next test I) Straw Man a) Misrepresent an unopposed positions and attack the misrepresented position and then claim the original position defeated. II) Inappropriate appeal to authority a) a person is not been established as an authority; they are not an authority in the area; not appropriate to appeal to that authority. III) False dichotomy a) Setting up in either, or situation, where there is a 3rd alternative. IV) False cause a) the fallacy committed when an argument mistakenly attempt to
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Unformatted text preview: establish a causal connection. There are two basic interrelated kinds. V) Fallacy of division a) Inappropriate inference that the part must have the properties of the whole. VI) Fallacy of composition a) If overly interfering that the whole you must have a property of its members. VII) Hasty generalization a) Not enough facts, small sample. VIII) Equivocation a) When the meaning of the word changes. IX) Gamblers a) Mistake in Gambling...
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