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Food cont. What do Americans Drink? 192 gal / year Soda 28% 1. Coca Cola 2. Diet Coke 3. Pepsi 4. Mountain Dew 5. Dr. Pepper Strong correlation with soda consumption and obesity and diabetes Beer 12% Water 11% Milk 11% Coffee 9% Tea 4% Wine 1% Fast Food is King McDonald’s – number 1 recognized name brand in the world Average Burger and Fry Intake 2 burger, 4 fries per week 421 calories per burger 300 calories per fries Trends that Encourage Eating Out Women entering the workforce
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Unformatted text preview: Dual incomes for more money Average age of marriage going up Divorce rate has gone up Food Budget 50% Groceries 50% Eating Out Top Chains McDonald’s 40% Burger King 20% Carl’s Jr. 10% Wendy’s 10% McDonald’s Founded 1948 by the McDonald’s brothers in San Bernardino California Assembly line type of production Branding the Golden M Ray Crock expands in 1955, buys McDonald’s in 1961 for $2 million...
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