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Notes 11.4.11 - No emissions Wind Power Fastest growing...

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Largest Petroleum Production States in the U.S. 1. Texas Natural Gas Methane – highly flammable source of energy U.S. Natural Gas Production Ratings 1. Texas 2. Wyoming 3. Oklahoma 4. New Mexico 5. Louisiana 6. Colorado The Future The United States – 5% of the Population Use about a ¼ of the Petroleum and Natural Gas 2% of the world’s petroleum reserves 4% of the world’s natural gas reserves Energy Crisis Need Alternative Energy Sources Solar Power Still less that 1% of the entire energy output Photovoltaic Cell Cons – cells are still expensive to produce Not immediate payoff Limited by sunlight Large initial investment Need for better storage Best potential for solar power – Southwest – over 4,000 hours of sunlight a year Pros – solar panels can be placed pretty much anywhere
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Unformatted text preview: No emissions Wind Power Fastest growing energy source currently Still less than 1% Began around the 1980s California is the world leader in wind power – 2005 had more than 16,000 windmills and generated 30% of all the worlds wind power electricity Politically driven more than geography Wind Potential – West coast and the Great Plains Need a steady 15 mph wind Oklahoma 8 th at wind power potential Denmark – 20% of power is wind Offshore – steady wind off of the coast Pros – plenty of room to expand Can produce energy 24/7 Cons – looks Impact on wildlife Hydro Power Very early form of energy Damns require a lot of space Make drastic modifications to the landscape Hoover Damn...
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Notes 11.4.11 - No emissions Wind Power Fastest growing...

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