Essay #2 Identifications

Essay #2 Identifications - Exam # 2 Rob Baker...

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Exam # 2 Rob Baker Identification and Significance: Open Door Policy The Secretary of State, John Hay, spoke to six nations and told them to join the Open Door Policy in 1899. The Open Door Policy gave equal trade opportunities to all of the countries. The policy had three important parts. These stated that nations within the same circle had to respect each other. They could also not discriminate in the ports and with the railroad fees and that the Chinese government could collect tariffs. The American government developed this policy so that China wouldn’t be under so much of an influence. The Open Door Policy was very significant because it made sure that the United States of America would remain as an Asian power if the Chinese split into more circles. (Divine 531) Ghost Dance The messiah Wovoka created the Ghost Dance in the year 1890. Wovoka was the messiah for the Teton Sioux in South Dakota. Ghost Dances were rituals witch were supposed to give the Teton Sioux their land back and it would make all of the white people disappear. They
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Essay #2 Identifications - Exam # 2 Rob Baker...

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