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IMPORTANT HISTORY NOTES!!!!!!!!! - Essay (QUESTION #1) o Why did the United States at first resist intervening in WW1? Why did it later retreat from this policy and send troops? In your answer, discuss whether these decisions revised or reinforced earlier U.S. foreign policy (ISNT COVERED IN THIS OUTLINE). 1. Early reasons for remaining neutral a. Fear of the disruption of trade b. Fear of immigrants becoming sympathetic with their countries of origin. 2. Causes contributing to the retreat from neutrality, - ESSAY #2 - Q: on American Society
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Causes of the great depression a. The speculative market boom of 1928 2. Lasting impressions a. Elevated new groups (farmers, workers, and others) to power (farmers who owned their own land)(workers b. Contributed to the economic development of the west and south (building dams) c. Helped stabilize the stock market and Banking system (FDIC, insurance with banks, SEC controls wall street) d. Provided the government with tools to promote and regulate growth e. Created the basis of the federal welfare state....
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