Project3_PHYS212_2011_Electricity - Project#3 (Electricity)...

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Project#3 (Electricity) Name of the students in the group: Leader/Facilitator Student: ___________________ Student#2 _________________________ Student#3 __________________________ Student#4 ___________________________ Questions: 1. Messiah College has recently placed a solar water array on top of some dorms. Your job is to estimate the total cost savings to Messiah as a result of this array. Feel free to ask anyone involved in the project to figure this out. Remember you have to show the reasons behind the estimate not just give the final number which you can get somewhere. 2. You and a friend are studying for a final and the session goes until the early morning. About 4 AM you decide to cook some breakfast. Despite being sleepy, things are going well. The waffles are cooking and the coffee is perking. Should you make some toast now? The 1000-watt waffle iron and the 600-watt coffee maker are plugged into kitchen wall electrical outlets. You will also use a kitchen wall outlet for the toaster.
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This note was uploaded on 11/29/2011 for the course PHYS 212 taught by Professor Kryeemadi during the Spring '11 term at Messiah.

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Project3_PHYS212_2011_Electricity - Project#3 (Electricity)...

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