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NAME:_____________________ CIRCLE YOUR CHOSEN ANSWER ON THIS TEST PACKET 1. Where are you LEAST likely to find deserts? A) Leeward side of mountain ranges. B) Continental interiors C) 30 º N and S. D) At the poles (90º N and S) E) Close to the equator (0º) 2. Global oceanic circulation is driven by A) the turning of Earth on its axis. B) the movement of aquatic organisms. C) wind patterns. D) convergence zones. E) the salinity of the oceans. 3. Biomes are defined by the A) amount of precipitation they receive. B) biospheres that they enclose. C) types of animals that live in them. D) types of vegetation structure found in them. E) None of the above 4. Why are evergreen trees favored in boreal forests? A) The seeds in the cones of conifers support a fauna of rodents, birds, and insects. B) The leaves attract bees and other pollinators. C) The leaves are well adapted to the dry summers. D) The leaves are ready to photosynthesize as soon as the temperature warms in the spring. E) None of the above 5. Which of the following best describes the realized niche for an organism A) The place or physical setting in which an organism lives B) A listing of the organism’s idealized requirements C) The portion of the fundamental niche remaining as a result of the presence of other species D) The idealized requirements for an organism 6. Which of the following is NOT an abiotic factor which affects the distribution of aquatic organisms A) Salinity of water. B) Temperature of water. C) Light availability. D) Presence of competing species. E) Oxygen levels. Page 1
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A) As the earth goes around the Sun and the earth's axis remains pointed toward the star Polaris. B) Seasons are caused by the influence of the planet Jupiter on our orbit. C) The earth's distance from the Sun varies, so that it is summer when the Earth is closer to the Sun and winter when the Earth is farther from the Sun. D) The earth's axis is tilted 23 ½ degrees and the orientations of the axis relative to the sun changes between summer and winter. Summer in Arizona occurs when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun and winter is when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun. E) The seasons are caused by the Sun's daily path across the sky. 8. Which of the following statements best describes aquatic biomes? A) Climate plays a less significant role in aquatic biomes than in terrestrial biomes B) Factors important in describing aquatic biomes include salinity (saltiness) and depth of water C) Aquatic biomes are described based on their type of vegetation D) A and B E) B and C 9. The map below shows the location of part of which of the following biomes? A)
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