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Biogeography Make sure you read, understand and conceptualise Chapter 52. My lectures are meant to provide the background to better understand the text book. What is a biogeographic region? What advances changed Biogeography? - Continental drift - Phylogenetic taxonomy - Theory of island biogeography _______________________________________ Alfred Russel Wallace Biogeography Wallace's Line Biogeographic regions Barriers to dispersal
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Unformatted text preview: Endemic Species Continental Drift: Alfred Wegener Pangaea Evidence for Continental Drift: 1. Marine Geology 2. Stratigraphic Evidence 3. Paleoclimate Evidence 4. Paleontological Evidence 5. Paleomagnetism Evidence Theory of Plate Tectonics Area phylogenies Vicariance Dispersal Discontinuous ranges Parsimony Biotic Interchanges Theory of Island Biogeography Applications of TIB....
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