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Mendelian Genetics-2.1 - Bio 187 Mendelian Genetics 1 and 2...

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Bio 187 Mendelian Genetics 1 and 2 Mendelian Genetics 1 We are now transitioning to a more theoretical part of the semester. As always, I suggest reading the text ahead of time (at minimum: end of chapter summaries). If you think that it’s too easy when I’m lecturing, you need to make sure that you can get 100% in the practice worksheet. The concepts are quite simple, but it’s sometimes tricky to apply the concepts, and you need practice. Make sure that when you complete the Mendelian genetics lab you can do any of the problems correctly by yourself. Go back to your ta for help if you need, and practice! Practice! Practice! Probability Inheritance or heredity- The transmission of traits from one generation to the next. Variation- Offspring differ somewhat in appearance from parents and siblings Genetics- The scientific study of heredity and hereditary variation 2 versions are called alleles. So . . same version of the gene gives different versions of the genes like red and green ect. in homologous chromosomes o If the organism is red, the red allele is “dominate ” over the green allele. And the green is the recessive allele because it isn’t being shown. If both genes are dominate then it is called homozygous dominate . . if both is recessive then its called homozygous recessive(test cross) . . if one is dominate and one isn’t then its called heterozygous that answers what type of o genogpe- the genetic makeup of an organism. Ex heterozygous o Phenotype- the total physical appearance of the organism but it can include things that are not so obvious, like blood type, behavior,
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Mendelian Genetics-2.1 - Bio 187 Mendelian Genetics 1 and 2...

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