Mitosis Meiosis-1.4

Mitosis Meiosis-1.4 - Cell Cycle/Mitosis/Meiosis 1. Cell...

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Cell Cycle/Mitosis/Meiosis 1. Cell Cycle a. Interphase i. The period between cell division ii. There are three subphases: 1. G1: (gap 1)-2 chromosomes, each has one chromatid 2. S: (synthesis)- Doubles amount of DNA, exact same 3. G1: (gap 2)- our cell has 4 copies of genome, mom/mom and dad/dad joined in the middle, they are still called homologonnes chromosomes. . one chromosome has two identical sister chromatids then either go into mitosis or meiosis b. M-phase: when mitosis/meiosis and cytokinesis occur c. REVIEW: a stretch of DNA that codes for a protein is called a gene, DNA is organized into Chromosomes d. Karyotype: the number, shapes, and sizes of the chromosomes in a cell. Mosquito only has 3 i. Homologous chromosomes- one chromosome from each parent, both homologues carry genes which code for the same inherited characters e. Ploidy- the number of homologous sets of chromosomes in a cell f. Diploid- one set of chromosomes from each parent- two copies of the genome g. Haploid- the number of chromosomes in a gamete (1) 2. Mitosis 3. Meiosis 4. How cells die Cell Divisions MUST have 1. Reproductive Signal: to initiate cell division 2. Replication: of DNA 3. Segregation: distribution of the DNA into the two new cells 4. Cytokinesis: separation of the two new cells *Bacteria need food to reproduce *Most prokaryotes have one chromosole, a single molecule of DNA, usually cirucular
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Mitosis Meiosis-1.4 - Cell Cycle/Mitosis/Meiosis 1. Cell...

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