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49 Circulatory Systems TEST FILE QUESTIONS Fill in the Blank 1. From fishes to amphibians to reptiles to mammals and birds, the complexity and number of chambers in the heart increases. An important consequence of this increased complexity is the gradual separation of the circulatory system into two independent circuits—_______ and _______. Answer: pulmonary; systemic 2. The “lub-dub” sounds of the cardiac cycle are caused by the _______. Answer: shutting of the heart valves 3. A blood clot that becomes established within the lumen of an artery is termed a thrombus. A piece of a thrombus breaking loose can travel through the arteries and eventually become lodged in a vessel of small diameter. If this occurs in the brain, the resulting condition is called a _______. Answer: stroke 4. The interstitial fluid that accumulates outside the capillaries is returned to the heart by a separate system of vessels called the _______ system. Answer: lymphatic 5. In a human being under normal conditions, the bone marrow can produce about 2 million _______ every second. Answer: red blood cells (or erythrocytes) 6. In open circulatory systems of arthropods, fluid enters the _______ through holes called ostia. Answer: heart 7. In humans, blood is pumped from heart to lungs and back through the _______ circuit. Answer: pulmonary 8. The walls of large _______ have elastic fibers and can withstand high pressures. Answer: arteries 9. The condition of _______ results from accumulation of interstitial fluids and tissue swelling. Answer: edema
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10. The primary pacemaker of the heart is the _______ at the junction of the superior vena cava and right atrium. Answer: sinoatrial node 11. Blood cells form from _______ in the bone marrow. Answer: stem cells 12. _______ are cell fragments responsible for blood clotting. Answer: Platelets 13. The brain’s cardiovascular control center is in the _______. Answer: medulla 14. The _______ slows the heart when the individual is plunged into cold water. Answer: diving reflex 15. _______ are vessels that carry blood away from the heart, and _______ are vessels that carry blood back to the heart. Answer: Arteries; veins 16. The lymphatic system empties intercellular fluid into the _______, which empty into large veins at the base of the neck. Answer: thoracic ducts 17. In humans, contraction of the right ventricle pumps blood into the _______. Answer: pulmonary artery 18. Snakes, lizards, and turtles can bypass the lung circuit and pump all blood around the body because of the incomplete division of their _______. Answer: ventricles Multiple Choice 1. A cardiovascular system is not necessary in the hydra because it a. is an aquatic animal. b. has no skeleton.
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cardio MCAT2 - 49 Circulatory Systems TEST FILE QUESTIONS...

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