Econ4350 Test 1 old

Econ4350 Test 1 old - "J*i,r'JH'er7'2004 Dr David R...

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\ Dr. David R. Kamerschen 153 Student Learning Center q Iq loq r0"F (1) (a) (b) (c) (d) (3) (3) (4) (l) (6) (7) .. I ;;"J*i',r'JH'er7'2004 (t_rT S \ ECON 4350; 6350 First Examination Second Edition (Addison-Wesley, 200 1) There are 26 objective questions on this examination. Each question counts 5.0 points for a tbtal of 130.0 points. To calculate your grade, multiply the number of conect rnswers by 5.0. Mark your answers carefully on the answer sheet that has been provided for you. In answering the multiple choice questions select the best single alternative answer. In answering the tue-false questions remember that if a statement is not always true. then it should be considered false. On your answer sheet indicate True':'A. False = B. (2) NOTE: AT THE TOp OF YOTJRANSWER SHEET, PU"r YOUR NAME, LAST NAME FrRST (yOU DO NOT NEED TO pUT YOUR STUDENT ID NTTMBER) AT TIIE TOP LEFT-HAI\D CORNER COURSE NUMBER (e.g., ECN 4350 or ECN 6350); NUMBER OF EXAM (e.g:, Exam 1, Exam 2, etc.); AND DATE ON YOT]RANSWER SIIEET. Make sure that you have answered each question. Be sure to transfer your answer from your examination by filling in the 6bubbles" on the answer sheet. ' 'i USEAPENCILONLY At,the end of the examination, turn in your answer sheet. You may keep your copy of the examination. The answer sheet will be returned to you and the answers will be discussed at our next class meeting so be sure to bring your copy of the examination with you. You are responsible for keeping your answer sheet after it is returned to you. You are strongly advised against academic dishonesty in any forr4 as the inskuctor will follow stictly the prevailing University of Georgia policy regarding honesty and integrity. This policy is set out in the manual entitled A Culture ofHonesty: Policies and Procedures "Academic honesty is defined broadly and simply* the performance of all academic work without cheating, lying, stealing, or receiving assistance from any other person or using any source of information not appropriately authorized or attributed." During the examinations you may look up for inspiration, or down in desperation--but not to the side for information! Allocate yow time wisely, according to marginalist principles. ls3 The answers tb the objective questions will'be posted outside€S Student Leaming, following the completion time of the examination. Please do not mingle outside the classroom after the examination as the people in the next class need to get into their seats. SHOW CONSIDERATION FOR YOUR CLASSMATES AND DO NOT TEAR THE ANSWER SIIEETS OFF THE WALL. GOOD LUCK. BE SURE TO CHECK THAT YOI.'R EXAMINATION HAS 26 OUESTIONS AND 4 PAGES Chapters 1-3
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@) ,,, '\\ --;:*-'\, r D a. monopolistic market structure results in poor economic performance b. product differentiation results in less advertising expenses c. perfect competition results in price equal to marginal cost d. a and c are correct
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Econ4350 Test 1 old - "J*i,r'JH'er7'2004 Dr David R...

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