Cross Cultures Module 4 SLP - to these issues while...

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Cultural Values Cultural Values Cultural Values Nicole Hinton Touro University International 1
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Cultural Values Cultural Values The present day African-American population, like many other ethnic groups, is several generations removed from their original land. Thus many practices and habits have been lost, dropped, simulated, or modified. The greatest influence on many African-American families is the lifestyle of their parents or grandparents who lived in the southern United States . Cultural values may prohibit touching between members of the opposite sex, including spouses during certain times, such as childbirth. Although there are age, gender, and race differences in activities, people continue to be individually productive across the life span. The largest proportion of the population of the United States of America is composed of people whose ancestors immigrated to this country (Fix & Passel, 1994). A review of the literature in American psychology journals shows scant attention
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Unformatted text preview: to these issues while policies and programs for immigrant children, youth, and families are being established despite the paucity of scientific data on this population (Board on Children and Families, 1995). The severity of joblessness for blacks, when compared to whites i.e. black workers are more frequently displaced from jobs during economic recession, are jobless for longer periods, become more discouraged in job search, drop out of the labor force more often, and experience greater economic hardship as a result of joblessness. 2 Cultural Values References Board on Children and Families, Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council, Institute of Medicine (1995). Immigrant children and their families: Issues for research and policy. The Future of Children, 5, 72-89. Fix, M., & Passel, J. S. (1994). Immigration and immigrants: Setting the record straight. Washington, DC: The Urban Institute. 3...
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Cross Cultures Module 4 SLP - to these issues while...

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