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The Chinese Community and Clinical Trials The Chinese community has always had an interesting back ground whether it was the things they ate, the way they dressed and even the way they have practiced medicine. I have chosen this group based on my experience in clinical trials and the number of Chinese participants I have seen in my 9 years of clinical research experience. In this paper, I will attempt to explain why they do or do not participate and what things they are most interested in prior to making an informed decision to participate in a clinical trial. Because this community does not have a high participation in clinical trials there is little information on how certain drugs will affect or help them in their time of need. Traditional Chinese medicine first began, it is believed, with three men: To Fu
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Unformatted text preview: His, Huang Ti, and Sin Shang. Although this is not certain because of reliable historical records not being available before 722 BC, these men are considered to have played a role in the development of Chinese medicine. Traditionally, the Chinese use acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine, to cure their illnesses. The Chinese developed the herbal mostly from plants, however, some of these medicines are developed from animals, minerals and fungi. The Chinese medicines are prescribed on the basis of the diagnosis which includes and in-depth interview of the patient, examination of the patient’s pulse, smelling of the breath and inspection of tongue. As the community has changed with time and the diseases have become more complicated the Chinese...
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