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РГКП «СММА» ФОРМА КАЧЕСТВА Методические рекомендации для занятий по ГОСО-2006 (практических, семинарских, лабораторных) G- Рев.02 Дата ввода ревизии 01.08.2007взамен: Рев. 01 от 01.06.2005 Страница 1 из 4 SEMIPALATINSK STATE MEDICAL ACADEMY METHODICAL GUIDANCE FOR PRACTICAL CLASSES Speciality: General medicine Discipline: Anatomy - 1 Chair: of normal and topographical anatomy Higher basic medical education, course: 2 Topic № 2. “Brachial plexus: forming, topography, branches, supply region.” Editors: candidate of medical science, assistant professor: Miluyshina I. N. senior lecturer: Chshetinina N.V. Semey 2008
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1. Topic: “Brachial plexus: forming, topography, branches, and supply region.” 2. Aim of practical is: to teach the students to find and show the brachial nerve plexus, its branche, supply regions. 3. The objectives: 1. What are the sources (origin) of the brachial plexus? 2. The topography of the brachial nerve plexus. 4. Short branches of the brachial plexus and supply regions. 5. Branches of the lateral fasciculus and supply region. 6. Branches of the medial fasciculus and supply region. 7. Branches of the posterior fasciculus and supply region. 4. Methods of education and teaching: practical Basic literature: 1. D.Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy. Regional and Applied, Dissection аnd Clinical. Fourth Edition, 2004. 2. Frank H. Netter, M.D. Atlas of Human Anatomy. Fourth Edition, 2004. Additional literature:
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2 Ð�Ñ�акÑ� Ð�Ð�Ф Ð�нÐ&s...

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