Questions on practical skills of differential assesment in may_18th week on ANATOMY3

Questions on practical skills of differential assesment in may_18th week on ANATOMY3

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Enumeration of anatomical features for practical skills (differential assesment) for students of 1 st course on the discipline “Anatomy-1”, 2009-2010 ac. y. Latin English Vertebra vertebra Corpus vertebrae Body of the vertebra Arcus vertebrae Arch of the vertebra Foramen vertebrale Vertebral foramen Processus spinosus Spinal process Processus transversus Transversal process Processus articulares superiores & inferiores Superior & inferior articular processes Incisurae superior & inferior vertebral notches Vertebrae cervicales Cervical vertebra Atlas Atlas – 1 st cervical vertebra Arcus Anterior & posterior arch Massae laterales Lateral masses Axis (epistropheus) Axial vertebra (2 nd cervical) Dens Tooth (tooth-like process) Vertebrae thoraciсае Thoracic vertebrae Foveae Fovea costalis processus transverses Costal fosse of the transversal process Vertebrae lumbales Lumbar vertebrae Basis ossis sacri Base of the sacrum Facies pelvina & fасiеs dorsalis Pelvic surface & dorsal surface Facies auriculares Auricular (pinna-shaped) surface Tuberositas sacralis Sacral tuberose Costae (verae, spuriae, fluctuantes) Ribs (true, false, floating) Caput costae Head of the rib Collum costae Neck of the rib Tuberculum costae Tubercle of the rib Corpus costae Body of the rib Sulcus costae Groove of the rib Sternum Breast bone manubrium sterni Handle of the breast bone Incisura jugularis Jugular notch Incisurae claviculares Clavicular notches Corpus sterni Body of the breast bone OSSA CRANIUM CEREBRALE BONES OF THE CEREBRAL SKULL Os frontale Frontal bone Squama frontalis Frontal scale Processus zygomaticus Zygomatic process Glabella Glabella (area between supercilial arches) Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris Groove of the superior sagittal sinus Fossa glandulae lacrimalis Fosse for the lacrimal gland Os sphenoidale Sphenoid bone Sella turcica Turkish saddle 4
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Dorsum sellae Back of saddle Ala minor Lesser wing Ala major Greater wing Foramen rotundum Round foramen Foramen ovale Oval foramen Processus pterygoideus Pterigoid process Os occipitale Occipital bone Pars basilaris Basilar part Сlivus Clivus (slope) Condylus occipitalis Occipital condyle Squama occipitalis Occipital squama (scale) Protuberantia occipitalis externa External occipital protuberance Eminentia cruciformis Cruciform (cruciate) eminence Sulcus sinus transversi Groove of transversal sinus Os parietale Parietal bone Tuber parietale Parietal tubercle (knoll) Os ethmoidale Ethmoid bone Crista galli Crest of the cribriform plate (crest of rooster) Lаmina orbitalis Orbital plate Os temporale Temporal bone Impressio trigemini Trigeminal impression Porus acusticus internus Opening of internal acoustic (auditory) meatus Fossa jugularis Jugular fosse Canalis caroticus Carotid canal Processus styloideus Styloid process Processus mastoideus Mastoid process Sulcus sinus sigmoidei
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Questions on practical skills of differential assesment in may_18th week on ANATOMY3

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