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The methodical instruction for lesson 6

The methodical instruction for lesson 6 - The methodical...

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The methodical instruction for lesson № 6 By biochemistry for students 2 course by specialty "General medicine " from 29 September, 3 till October, 2008 - 2009 year. 1. The theme: Total pathways of catabolism. Regulation and functions of Krebs cycle interpretation of getting results . 2. The main questions of the theme: 1 Concept about specific and total pathways of catabolism. 2.Oxidative decarboxylation of puruvic acid. 3.Tricarbonic acid cycle . Krebs cycle. 4.Integration between total pathways and respiratory chain. 5.Regulation of total pathways. 6.Аnabolic functions of Krebs cycle . Questions for independent work 1. Composition of food. 2. Organical and mineral components . 3. Regional pathology connected with shortage lack of micro’elements in the food and water. Practical works 1. Qualitative definition of pyruvic acid in the serum of blood. Work:" Quantitative definition pf pyruvic acid". Pyruvic acid is main metabolite of intermediate metabolism of substrates. Quantity of pyruvic acid in blood of
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