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The methodical instruction for lesson 12

The methodical instruction for lesson 12 - The methodical...

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The methodical instruction for lesson № 12 By biochemistry for students 2 course by specialty "General medicine " 17.11 – 22 .11 2008 - 2009 year. 1. The theme: «Metabolism of lipids.» 2. The main questions of the theme 1. Biosynthesis of fatty acids / palmitic acid/. 2. Features of biosynthesis lipids in the liver in the adipous tissue. 3. Reservation and mobilization of lipids . Disorders of these processes 4. Regulation of reservation and mobilization of lipids, role. 5. Disorders of these processes in obesity . 6. Biosynthesis of ketone bodies / formulas and biological role/. 7.Intracellular metabolism of triacylglycerides and phospholipids. Questions for independent work 1. Acosonoids and theirs role, regulation of metabolism and physiological functions. 2. Peroxside oxidation of lipids, role in the emergence of membranes pathology. 3. Antioxidants. Practical works: 1. The finding of acetone in a urine. 2. Definition of phospholipids in the serum of blood.
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