The methodical instruction for lesson 15

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The methodical instruction for lesson № 15 By biochemistry for students 2 course by specialty "General medicine " from September, 15 till September, 19th 2008 - 2009 year. 1. The theme: METABOLISM OF PROTEINS AND AMINOACIDS. 2. The main questions of the theme: 1. Digestion and absorption of proteins. Dietary proteins as sources of nitrogen. Nitrogen balance. 2. Sources and ways of utilization of amino acids. 3. Reasons and consequences of proteins starvation at a mature age and early childhood.Kwashiorkor. 4. Putrefaction of amino acids in the small intestine. 5. Diagnostik importance of biochemical gastric analysis . 6. Detoxication of putrefaction products of amino acids. Questions for independent work 1. Infringements of biogenic amines metabolism at psychosis. Practical work: 1. Quantitative definition of pepsin activity in the gastric juice. 2. Qualitative reactions on the indican. Work 1
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