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The methodical instruction for lesson 17

The methodical instruction for lesson 17 - The methodical...

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The methodical instruction for lesson № 17 On biochemistry for students 2 course by specialty "General medicine " from September, 15 till September, 19th 2008 - 2009 year. The theme : Metabolism of proteins and amino acids. The main questions of the theme: 1Spesific pathways of amino acids metabolism. Synthesis and utilization of one-carbon groups. Participation of folic acid and vitamin B12 in these processes. 2. Features of metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids and aromatic. 3. Creatinin and creatin formation and ways of excretion and biologic meaning. 4. Abnormality of amino acids metabolism Questions for independent work 1. Hormonal regulation of metabolism . infringements of hormonal regulation. Practical works : 1. Determination of phenylpyruvate in urine and homogentesinic acid 2. Quantitative definition of creatinin in the urine. 3. Qualitative reactions on the creatinin. Opening of the creatinin in the urine. Laboratory work. Work 1. "Determination of phenylpyruvate in urine" Trichloric iron in presence of HCl makes specific color with keto - acids.
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