The methodical instruction for lesson 18

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The methodical instruction for lesson № 18 By biochemistry for students 2 course by specialty "General medicine " from September, 15 till September, 19th 2008 - 2009 year. 1. The theme: Metabolism of nucleoproteids and nucleotides. 2. The main questions of the theme: 1. Structure and functions of nucleoproteids and nucleic acids. Synthesis of nucleic acids. 2. Digestion and absorption of products of nucleoproteids 3. Catabolism of purine nucleotides. 4. Synthesis of purine nucleotides. 5. Catabolism of pyrimidine nucleotides. 6. Synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides. 7. Errors of nucleotides metabolism. Gout. Xanthinuria. Orotic acid uria. Questions for independent work 1. Synthesis of steroids hormones and functions. 2. Correlation of estrogens and progestines by phase of menstrual cycle. Practical works: 1. Opening of uric acid. 2. Studying of nucleoproteids compositions contained in yeast. Laboratory work.
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