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Unformatted text preview: 1 M icrobiolo 1.about life 2.about fe 3.about bre 4.about life 5.about pro 4 O bject of a 1.viruses 2.actinom 3.condition 4.dysenter 5.fungi 3 Inventor of 1. L.Pasteu2. I.M echn 3. D .Sam o 4. A.Leven 5. D .Fraca 4 A phenom 1. D .Ivano 2. M .Khait 3. D .Lister 4. L.Paste 5. D .Z abol 4 The discov 1. D .Ivano 2. D .Ivane 3. D .Ivansk 4. D .Ivano 5. D .Ivanch 4 Founder o 1. I.M elnic 2. R .Koch 3. I.M elnic 4. I.M echn 5. I.M yasn 4 The state o1.ecologic 2.space m 3.sanitary 4.im m uno 5.cosm eto 3 The m icro 1.3-4 m il ia 2.before o By 3. pole 4.10 m il ia 5.1 m il iard 1 For the firs 1. R .Koch 2. P.Erlikh 3. V.Tim ak 4. E.G ein 5. A.Flem i 4 D iscovery 1. Z .Erm ol 2. S.Vaksm3. V.Lasch 4. A.Flem i 5. D .Vas e 4 The role o 1. Pop y K 2. P.M ac a3. O .Every 4. .M ac 5. G .M inkh 3 The m ono 1.chahgea 2.changea 3.changea 4.constanc 5.adaptive 4 The polym 1.safety of 2.changea 3.im m utab 4.change 5.changea 2 Eukaryote 1.nuclear l 2.nucleus 3.strades o 4.absent a 5.only piec 2 Prokaryote 1.nuclear m2.diploid s 3.m em bra 4. pair chro5.nitrogen 1 In the basi 1.af inity o 2.af inity o 3. Absence 4.using on 5.indirect c 2 N am e of m 1.one w ord2.tw o w ord 3.thre w o 4.nam e of 5.com plex 2 The serova1.by antige 2.by cultur 3.by m orph 4.by grow t 5.by a bre 1 Phagovar 1.by serum 2.by phage 3.antigen 4.m orphol 5.m otility 2 D if erentia 1.m orphol 2.antigeni 3.cultural f 4.genetic f 5.tinctorial 3 D if erentia 1.productio 2.productio3.productio 4.resistanc 5.resistanc 4 C hem ovar 1.dif erenta2.dif erent 3.dif erenta4.dif erent 5.dif erenta 5 Strain is a 1.w hich w a2. of one m3. of seve 4.w hich w 5. w hich w 4 C lone is c 1.ne cel 2.colony 3.liquid m e4.tightly m 5.som e ce 1 Which con 1.genus-sp2.kingdom 3.species- 4.triba-spe 5.kingdom 3 Taxonom y 1. system a 2. m icrobio3. genetics 4. physiolo 5.determ in 1 C las ificat 1.type of n 2.type of N 3.type of pr 4.type of il 5.type of th 2 Fungi are 1.highest a 2.low est a 3.highest a 4.com plex 5.sim ple a 3 The specie 1. tw o w or 2. one a w 3. thre w o 4.fre 5. four w or 1 The identif 1.determ in 2.determ in 3.determ in 4.determ in 5.toxigene 1 The specif 1.nam e of 2.built of a 3.built of a 4.nam e of 5. nam e o 5 Bacteria h 1.nucleus 2.nucleoid 3.m em bra 4.diploid s 5. have no 2 Function o 1.skeleton 2.breathin 3.genetic r 4. for grow 5.structure 1 C ytoplasm 1.thre -lay 2.m onolay 3.bylayer a 4.rem oval 5.organ of 1 C ytoplasm 1. Firm for 2.acidic a 3.alkaline 4.col oid fo 5. racking 4 Flagel a co1.salty con 2.protein-f 3.riboflavin 4.lipopolys 5.polysac 2 Volutin gra 1.protein 2.m ineral 3.m etachr 4.bases 5.lipids 3 The fim bria1. proteins 2.polysac 3.glucose 4.am m oni 5.acids 1 Pili is a 1.hol ow a 2.hol ow p 3.form atio 4.consist f 5. have no 1 C apsule m 1.polysac 2.polyam in3.polym ixi 4.polystiro 5.polym orp 1 Spores of b1.exces o 2.deficienc 3.in an org 4.in an org 5. al of the 2 Function o 1.regulatio 2. transfer 3.control b 4.syntesis 5.determ in 2 C el w al c 1.am m oni 2.gistinC el w al c 1....
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