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1 Microbiolog 1.about life 2.about fee 3.about bre 4.about life 5.about pro 4 Object of a 1.viruses 2.actinomy 3.condition 4.dysenteri 5.fungi 3 Inventor of 1. L.Pasteu 2. I.Mechni 3. D.Samoi 4. A.Leveng 5. D.Fracas 4 A phenome 1. D.Ivanov2. M.Khaito 3. D.Lister 4. L.Pasteu 5. D.Zabolo 4 The discove 1. D.Ivanov2. D.Ivanev 3. D.Ivansk 4. D.Ivanov 5. D.Ivanch 4 Founder of 1. I.Melnico 2. R.Koch 3. I.Melnich 4. I.Mechni 5. I.Myasnik 4 The state o 1.ecologic m 2.space m 3.sanitary m 4.immunol 5.cosmetol 3 The microb 1.3-4 millia 2.before of By 3. pole c 4.10 milliar 5.1 milliard 1 For the first 1. R.Koch 2. P.Erlikh 3. V.Timako 4. E.Geinne 5. A.Flemin 4 Discovery o 1. Z.Ermolj 2. S.Vaksm 3. V.Lasche 4. A.Flemin 5. D.Vasser 4 The role of 1. Poppy Ko 2. P.Macca 3. O.Every 4. М.Macca 5. G.Minkh 3 The monom 1.chahgeab 2.changeab 3.changeab 4.constanc 5.adaptive p 4 The polymo 1.safety of c 2.changeab 3.immutabi 4.change o 5.changeab 2 Eukaryotes 1.nuclear li 2.nucleus 3.strades o 4.absent a 5.only piece 2 Prokaryotes 1.nuclear m 2.diploid se 3.membran 4. pair chro 5.nitrogen o 1 In the basis 1.affinity of 2.affinity of 3. Absence 4.using one 5.indirect ch 2 Name of m 1.one word2.two word 3.three wor 4.name of a 5.complex o 2 The serova 1.by antigen2.by cultura 3.by morph 4.by growth 5.by a breed 1 Phagovar m 1.by serum 2.by phage3.antigen 4.morpholo 5.motility 2 Differentiati 1.morpholo 2.antigenic 3.cultural fe 4.genetic fe 5.tinctorial f 3 Differentiati 1.productio 2.productio 3.productio 4.resistanc 5.resistancy 4 Chemovar 1.differenta 2.differenta 3.differenta 4.differenta 5.differenta 5 Strain is a c 1.which wa 2. of one m 3. of severa 4.which wa 5. which wa 4 Clone is cu 1.оne cell 2.colony 3.liquid me 4.tightly me 5.some cel 1 Which cons 1.genus-sp 2.kingdom- 3.species-g 4.triba-spec 5.kingdom- 3 Taxonomy 1. systemat 2. microbio 3. genetics 4. physiolog 5.determine 1 Classificatio 1.type of nit 2.type of NA3.type of pro 4.type of illn 5.type of the 2 Fungi are c 1.highest a 2.lowest an 3.highest a 4.complex 5.simple an 3 The species 1. two word 2. one a w 3. three wo 4.free 5. four word 1 The identifi 1.determina 2.determin 3.determina 4.determin 5.toxigenec 1 The specific 1.name of N 2.built of a c 3.built of a g 4.name of i 5. name of 5 Bacteria ha 1.nucleus 2.nucleoid 3.membran 4.diploid se 5. have not 2 Function of 1.skeletone 2.breathing 3.genetic re 4. for growt 5.structure 1 Cytoplasm 1.three-laye 2.monolaye 3.bylayer a 4.removal o 5.organ of a 1 Cytoplasm 1. Firm form 2.acidic a m 3.alkaline a 4.colloid fo 5. racking fr 4 Flagella co 1.salty conn 2.protein-fla 3.riboflavin 4.lipopolysa 5.polysacch 2 Volutin gran 1.protein 2.mineral m 3.metachro 4.bases 5.lipids 3 The fimbria 1. proteins 2.polysacch 3.glucose 4.ammonia5.acids 1 Pili is a 1.hollow alb 2.hollow po 3.formation 4.consist fro 5. have not 1 Capsule ma 1.polysacch 2.polyamin 3.polymixin 4.polystirole5.polymorp 1 Spores of b 1.excess of 2.deficienc 3.in an orga 4.in an orga 5. all of the 2 Function of 1.regulation 2. transfer o 3.control be 4.syntesis o
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