MICRA TEST- - 1 1. Microbiology is a science : 1.about life...

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1. Microbiology is a science : 1.about life of animal 2.about feed(meal,power) of microbes 3.about breeding of microbes 4.about life of microorganisms 5.about properties of microbes 2. Object of a clinical microbiology study are: 1.viruses 2.actinomycetes 3.conditional-pathogenic microbes 4.dysenterial rods 5.fungi 3. Inventor of a microscope is a: 1. L.Pasteur 2. I.Mechnikov 3. D.Samoilovich 4. A.Levenguk 5. D.Fracastro 4. A phenomenon of fermentation has discoveried by: 1. D.Ivanov 2. M.Khaitov 3. D.Lister 4. L.Pasteur 5. D.Zabolotnyi 6. The discovering viruses belongs to: 1. D.Ivanov 2. D.Ivanevich 3. D.Ivanskii 4. D.Ivanovskii 5. D.Ivanchenko 7. Founder of the cell-like theory of immune defence: 1. I.Melnicov 2. R.Koch 3. I.Melnichenko 4. I.Mechnikov 5. I.Myasnikov 8. The state of the environment studied by: 1.ecologic microbiology 2.space microbiology 3.sanitary microbiology 4.immunology 5.cosmetology 9. The microbes were appeared on ground 1.3-4 milliard of years ago 2.before of our aeon By 3. pole century of our aeon 4.10 milliard of years ago 5.1 milliard of years ago 10. For the first time vaccination has conducted by 1. R.Koch 2. P.Erlikh 3. V.Timakov 4. E.Geinner 5. A.Fleming 11. Discovery of Penicillin belongs to 1. Z.Ermoljeva 2. S.Vaksman 3. V.Laschenkov 4. A.Fleming 5. D.Vasserman 12. The role of DNA in transmission of inheritable properties was demonstrated by: 1. Poppy Koyi 2. P.Maccarty 3. O.Every and K.Macleod 4. М.Maccarty and P.Macnamare 5. G.Minkh and O.Every 13. The monomorphism means: 1.chahgeables of microbes 2.changeability of frame 3.changeability of cultural properties 4.constancy of the microbial shape 5.adaptive property of microbes 14. The polymorphism means: 1.safety of cells 2.changeability of cells 3.immutability of cells 4.change of motility 5.changeability of pathogenic properties 15. Eukaryotes have: 1.nuclear like material(matter) 2.nucleus 3.strades of DNA 4.absent a core 5.only pieces of a core 16. Prokaryotes have 1.nuclear material(matter) 2.diploid set of chromosoms 3.membrane of a core 4. pair chromosome 5.nitrogen of the basis. 17. In the basis of a systematics of microorganisms are trusted to: 1.affinity of separate cells 2.affinity of the relevant properties 3. Absence of resemblance 4.using one of the cell features 5.indirect characteristic. 18. Name of microbial species consists from: 1.one word 2.two words 3.three words 4.name of a kind 5.complex of cells. 19. The serovar means difference of microorganisms: 1.by antigen 2.by cultural property 3.by morphology 4.by growth(increase) 5.by a breeding 20. Phagovar means differentiation: 1.by serum 2.by phage 3.antigen 4.morphology 5.motility 21. Differentiation of microbes to biovares based on the 1.morphologic features 2.antigenic features 3.cultural features 4.genetic features 5.tinctorial features 22. Differentiation of microbes to Resistencevar based on the: 1.production of toxins 2.production of enzymes 3.production of antibiotics 4.resistancy to antibiotics
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MICRA TEST- - 1 1. Microbiology is a science : 1.about life...

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