Chemotherapeutic Drugs-Variant 4

Chemotherapeutic Drugs-Variant 4 - Chemotherapeutic Drugs...

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Chemotherapeutic Drugs Variant # 4 1.Which of the following statements about methotrexate is INCORRECT: A. Methotrexate prevents the formation of one carbon fragments for purine and pyrimidine synthesis B. Methotrexate inhibits NADPH dependent dihydrofolate reductase non competitively C. Methotrexate is rapidly transported into malignant cells by a carrier system D. Methotrexate can be administered orally E. Folinic acid reverses the effect of methotrexate on nucleotide synthesis 2.The selectivity of acyclovir for certain Herpes viruses is due primarily to: A. Its selectivity for the viral reverse transcriptase enzyme B. Its irreversible inhibition of Herpes DNA polymerase C. Its structural similarity to the nucleoside thymidine D. Its selectivity for Herpes DNA polymerase E. Inhibition of translation of viral proteins Choose the correct answer from the list given (answers may be repeated) The following information relates to questions 3 – 7: A. Methotrexate B. Proguanil C. Sulphanilamide D. Trimethoprim E. Thymidine 3.Is structurally related to pABA 4.Inhibits de novo folic acid synthesis 5.Selectively inhibits the Plasmodial form of dihydrofolate reductase 6.Selectively inhibits bacterial dihydrofolate reductase 7.Gets into mammalian cells on the folate transporter For the following 2 questions, answer: A. True, True and the reason is a correct explanation B. True, True and the reason is NOT a correct explanation C. True, False D. False, True E. False, False 8.Clavulanic acid is used in combination with amoxycillin BECAUSE Clavulanic acid blocks the excretion of amoxycillin by the kidney 9.Tetracyclines should not be used in young children BECAUSE Tetracyclines permanently discolour teeth if given during enamel development 10.Which of the following bases is most susceptible to alkylating agents? A. adenine B. guanine C. cytosine D. thymine E. uracil 11.The carciogenic potency of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons depends upon all of the following factors EXCEPT: A. activation with microsomal mixed function oxidases leading to the formation of an ultimate carcinogen B. capacity of the ultimate carcinogen to bind with cellular DNA C. exposure to promoting agents after the initiation step has occurred D. formation of glucuronide conjugate upon activation with microsomal mixed function oxidases 12.Which of the following is not a cell cycle nonspecific agent? A. vinblastine
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Chemotherapeutic Drugs-Variant 4 - Chemotherapeutic Drugs...

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