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cultural geog 111 - Austin Higgs March 31st 2011 Morocco...

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Austin Higgs March 31 st , 2011 Morocco and Rwanda Morocco and Rwanda both are countries within Africa, Morocco being on the North- Western tip and Rwanda being in mid-Africa. The rich history, diverse landscape, and interesting culture make these two countries desirable to visit. With interesting landmarks to visit such as the Saadian Tombs and the Kigali Memorial Center that their host countries have put so much work into. Environmental problems that the governments have been working on prove that these developing countries are on the rise. The Saadian Tombs in Marrakesh, Morocco are very historical burial site built in 1557 created by Sultan Ahmed el Mansour. The building was closed off and buried underground when the new sultan took over power and was forgotten until 1917 when it was seen by an aerial camera. The enclosure consists of two main mausoleums with 66 tombs within them with 100 more in the gardens.(Sacred Destinations) The first enclosure was the nicer of the two because it was built for Mansour himself and was finished in his lifetime. The second tomb was built by Mansour to hold his mothers tomb as well as the founder of the Saadian dynasty, Mohammed ech Sheikh. In the gardens of the Saadian Tombs are the resting places of over 100 more Saadian princes and members of the royal household, including a few Jewish graves. The gravestones are covered in brilliantly colored tiles and most have inscriptions with epitaphs and quotes from the Qur'an. (Sacred Destinations) The recovery of the dug up tombs show how much Morocco is in touch with their history and ancestors. The creativity and artistry of the pillars and walls represent how important this building was to the superiors of the Moroccan country. The Saadian Tomb is an important part of Moroccan past as well as its present.
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The Kigali Memorial Center is a memorial dedicated the genocides in Rwanda, Africa, which began in 1990. The Rwandan genocides began when two groups in Rwanda began civil war between the two groups. The minority Tutsi and the majority Hutu were the two sides and
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cultural geog 111 - Austin Higgs March 31st 2011 Morocco...

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