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cultural geog bonus reviews

cultural geog bonus reviews - in the film are Christianity...

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Austin Higgs 4/21/11 The Oath The movie is about an ex-bodyguard of Osama bin Laden’s, named Abu Jandal. Abu Jandal was a sworn in member of Al-Qaida, and recruited his brother-and-law Salim Hamdan who was Osama bin Laden’s personal driver but could not take the oath. The cultural presence in the movie is all around as the movie takes place in the streets of Yemen. Abu Jandal would have his taxi riders ask him of his ethnicity, but the friendly and over-confident Abu Jandal would joke with the customers as they could not guess what his background was like, while keeping from them that he was a former body guard of Osama bin Laden. Abu Jandal has a son who is raised to be Islamic like his father but in the current times, Islam is becoming more American than ever. The Calling The Calling is a documentary about seven religious people of different backgrounds and goes through their daily struggles with their religious and personal lives. The religions portrayed
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Unformatted text preview: in the film are Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, and Islamic religions. Seven people studying four different religions in a documentary is a easy way to follow the similarities and differences in the lives of the religious characters. For example, Steven Gamez is a catholic priest who struggles with the fact that he must participate in celibacy, while Jewish activist, Shmuly Yanklowitz, worries about becoming a Rabbi without the presence of a lifelong partner. An ethnicity point of view in the documentary is Samoan pastor, Rob Pene, whose father dies and leaves the position of Chief of the Village to Rob who must choose between preaching in America and staying with his grieving family as well as the lead the village as their Chief. These are just two examples of the deep religious and ethnic themes within the documentary....
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