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Hist 1 - Austin Higgs Prof Morgan Essay#2 Oct 4 2010 In...

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Austin Higgs Prof. Morgan Essay #2 Oct. 4, 2010 In 1775, Britain and their colonies in America were at the brink of war and the Colonies would either get their independence from Britain or be a subject to their continued unfair taxes. The French and Indian war put a huge debt upon Britain, so they taxed the colonies quite strictly. The colonies retaliated by doing such things as protesting and boycotting British goods. Both sides were at fault for the tension going on between them, but Britain were the main culprits as they always caused some tension by creating a tariff or placing British troops in the colonist towns, while the colonist retaliated upon the British actions. The British believed they were far superior and could do anything they liked to the colonists, and though the colonists knew the British were superior, they still deserved fair representation and an agreeable government, and to obtain freedom and representation, Independence would be the only way to do that. After the French and Indian war, the British and colonists were getting along well and
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