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history lecture 1 - LECTURE #1: Colonization of the...

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LECTURE #1: Colonization of the Americas KEY WORDS (1)MERCANTILISM and (2) COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE Part I: A. Original Inhabitants Hunters and gatherers here first. Established their own villages. Bering strait how they got here. B. Mexico before Columbus Toltec’s and Olmec’s and Aztecs and Mayas. Aztec and Mayas both formed modern civilization colonies. They would overtake smaller tribes. Aztecs made major cities and trading routes. War was a major aspect for Aztecs and Mayans. Part II: Why 1492 Had to be something to make Columbus come. Europe was in a feudal state, no unified countries. A. Development of Nation States (country) B. The Four Revolutions a. Commercial Revolution Begins in 1096 when pope Claremont created crusades. Christians were fighting with Christians throughout Europe. Pope decided it was wrong, decided Christians should go kill Muslims to reclaim holy land. Pope accomplished what he wanted, take war out of Europe. When leaving Europe, Europeans find new things such as spices and materials etc. This leads to a new market. Crusades to lead to commercial revolution. b. Political Revolution Little kingdoms realize allies with other kingdoms would make a larger power. Makes countries gradually.
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history lecture 1 - LECTURE #1: Colonization of the...

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