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history lecture 2 - LECTURE#2 The English Colonies KEY...

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LECTURE #2: The English Colonies KEY WORDS/TERMS (3) BACON’S REBELLION and (4) JOHN WINTHROP PART I: Reason for English Settlement A. Economic Ambitions Europe was becoming overpopulated A lot of poverty Saw potential for new world Heard stories of gold and silver brought from new world, end up very upset. English create farms, fishing, trading. English would buy land and sell it to people. Production of tobacco makes money. B. Social Factors Overpopulation, poverty, and crime. English garbage dump, ship bad people to America. C. Religious Strife: The English Reformation Henry the 8 th forms Church of England, allows him to divorce his wife. a. Responses Repression of religious path of England. Puritans, Quakers, Catholics. Puritans want to purify church. Become corrupt. Church shadowed movements of government. Leads to repression of puritans. Quakers were peaceful and believed in direct relationship with God. Doesn’t fit well with church of God. Split with Church of England leaves Catholics out in the cold. Catholics settle in places such as Maryland. PART II: Types of English Colonies A. Joint Stock A company would be established, people pay money, that’s what settles the colony. Only one kind of Spanish colony, Royal Colony. Ex. Mass and Virginia B. Proprietary A single person or a couple people are given a grant to settle a large portion of land. Ex. Pennsylvania. William Penn starts in. C. Royal A colony overseen by the English Government.
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PART III: Virginia: Jamestown - 1607 A. Origins a. Purpose: Economic gain through plantations. b. Migrants: Businessmen in search of a quick fortune. People who originally come were ill fitted for colonization. English were lazy, didn’t want to work. Many Parrished. Most were looking for quick fortune from Gold, Silver, etc. c. Type: A joint stock originally.
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