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History lecture 5 - Lecture#5 Building a Nation KEY TERMS(9...

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Lecture #5: Building a Nation KEY TERMS (9) Articles of Confederation and (10) Shay’s Rebellion Part I: Revolutionary War and its Aftermath A. Keys to American Victory: Divided England. Whig faction- open to colonial demands. Breakdown in British strategy War is fought in America Although British overtook many major cities, it doesn’t cut off supplies like they hoped Americans used guerilla warfare. England blockades sea. Not good enough. America still trades with French, Dutch and Spanish. Franco American treaty of 1878. France declared war on English. B. The End of the War a. The Treaty of Paris (1783) Acknowledges that the 13 colonies are free sovereign states. Establishes boundaries between us and British. South of great lakes, and east of Mississippi. Florida is returned to Spain. Americans get fishing rights in new Finland Any debts had to be paid. Any ceased property had to be returned. All POWs were released Both sides given access to Mississippi river. Very orderly and peaceful end to the war. C. The Character of the War: This was not a revolution; it was a war for independence. US adopts very English form of government. Americans fought to conserve what they had. No status change for slaves, Indians, or women. Slavery abolished in England before US. Westward expansion one of major causes to civil war. Part II: The Articles of Confederation
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History lecture 5 - Lecture#5 Building a Nation KEY TERMS(9...

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