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History lecture 7 - Lecture #7: The Age of Jackson KEY...

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Lecture #7: The Age of Jackson KEY TERMS (13) Trail of Tears and (14) 2 nd Party System Part I: Changes in America A. Rapid Expansion in the West a. 1776-1812: Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Louisiana b. 1816-1821: Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri B. Rugged Individualism: Enters age of common man, people start to become “Americans” Rugged individualism- individuals when it comes to social and economic matters. People should be self-reliant in this country. Common man comes from male suffrage. Many states had property rights to vote. Ant FREE WHITE male can vote. Minorities and women still can’t vote. This leads to the thinking of every white man con vote. C. The Common Man/Universal Male Suffrage: D. The Market Economy: New transportation spurs market revolution. (steamboats) Construction of canals. Erie 1825, 364 miles long, 4 feet deep, 40 feet wide. Predominant form was agricultural and self-reliant prior to 1800. This leads to trade, which leads to leisure items, which leads to an economy. Banking is mainly storage of Gold. Hard money- lumped or coined silver or gold. Soft Money- when paper money relates to gold or silver. Putting out system- Manufacturers would give you a box of raw materials and you would make the stuff and give it back to the company and you get paid for it. Factory system first emerges in textiles (fabrics). As technology improves, means of production improve. Lowell mills primary labor force was unmarried females. Girls live in large dormitory that were locked down and overseen. First time women get out and have job outside of farm. Emerging middle class in America.
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History lecture 7 - Lecture #7: The Age of Jackson KEY...

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