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History lecture 9 - Lecture #9: Antebellum Slavery and...

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Lecture #9: Antebellum Slavery and Abolitionists KEY TERMS (16) Nat Turner’s Rebellion and (17) William Lloyd Garrison Part I: The Antebellum South Antebellum south= Pre civil war south A. A Failed Revolution Brings no change Brings worse conditions for slaves. Jefferson believes slaves would have to leave country. Slave trade is abolished in 1808 Internal slave trade still exist. Slavery outlawed in 1807 in England By 1815, all of western Europe has abolished slavery. Internal slave trade remains facit of American life. Only abolished in DC at first. a. Results of the American Revolution (Above) b. The Slave Trade (Above) B. Nat Turner’s Rebellion (1831) a. The Rebellion 30 year old slave in Virginia. Said he spoke to god and god told him to lead a rebellion. Gathered about 70 slaves and went from plantation to plantation killing plantation owners. 56 people killed Turner and 16 men hung for rebellion. b. The Aftermath Brought slavery debate into public again. Slavery became even further entrenched in south Slave codes became much stricter Slaves watched over more carefully. Widespread violence against slaves after rebellion
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History lecture 9 - Lecture #9: Antebellum Slavery and...

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