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History lecture 10 - Lecture#10 Manifest Destiny and the...

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Lecture #10: Manifest Destiny and the Politics of Expansion KEY TERMS (18) Manifest Destiny , (19) Mexican-American War / U.S. – Mexican War, and (20) The Compromise of 1850 Part I: Defining the Boundaries of the US A. Moments of Expansion a. Treaty of Paris (1783) b. Louisiana Purchase (1803-1804) c. Rush-Bagot Treaty (1818) d. Adams-Onis Treaty (1819) Boundaries of mexico and further west B. Expansion and Conflict: The Issue of Slavery a. Existing Limits: The Mason-Dixon Line, NW Territory Established in 1760s Last until 1820 Didn’t know we would add states to the west. This is what causes the problem. b. The Missouri Controversy b.i. “A Fire Bell In The Night” (Thomas Jefferson) TJ realized that this is the issue that challenges the country. b.ii. Free State or Slave State? Will Missouri enter free or slave? b.iii. Balance in the Senate? Same number of free states and slave slates. There were 2000 slaves in Missouri already Senator James talmage realizes if Missouri enter as slave state then it will cause a throw off in senate. South said there is nothing in constitution that gives federal government power to regulate slavery. c. The Missouri Compromise c.i. Maine (Free) c.ii. Missouri (Slave) c.ii.1. “36 degrees, 30 minutes” c.ii.2. Arkansas decides for themselves. C. Manifest Destiny a. “God’s Will” It is our duty to make sure god gets what he wants- expansion of the US. First used in 1839
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Becomes famous when guy talked about it in the annexation of texas. b. “Sea to Sea” … “Pole to Pole” D. US Interest In the Mexican “North” a. Texas and the Adams-Onis Treaty b. The Santa Fe (New Mexico) Trade c. California – “Window on the West” (Far East)
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History lecture 10 - Lecture#10 Manifest Destiny and the...

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